People still debate about what is better when it comes to gaming experience – whether it’s PC or console gaming. Even if both can provide different and distinct value and experience to the one who uses it, we can still objectively weigh the pros and cons to find out which one is the best option.

Below is are a few points that can convince you that PC gaming is the best.

Decreasing PC Gaming Cost

Even if the initial investment for buying a PC gaming hardware is expensive, the associated PC gaming costs are decreasing. Without putting a generous amount of money to have a decent and excellent PC performance, you’re most likely to have a lesser enjoyable time on your gaming experience. Ranging from parts and items such as cooling fans, keyboards, monitors, and other gadgets, you have to have a lot of money to have a whole PC gaming set-up. However, computer hardware now is becoming more affordable – you will be able to acquire parts that are relatively cheaper than what they used to be.

Even if hardware nowadays is becoming more affordable, PC gaming set-ups can still provide you more costs when it concerns upfront costs, not to mention the time and effort that you have to put in when it comes to building a gaming PC. However, all of these downsides can be a blur if you consider the upgrades.

PC Upgrades

Normally, the initial costs of having a gaming PC is expensive, but upgrading individual parts can help you acquire long-term savings. Components such as a processor, graphics card, screens are some of the parts that you have the luxury of upgrading. Unlike gaming consoles whose parts are almost impossible to upgrade, you will have the pleasure of keeping your technology up to date with lesser costs. You also have the choice and convenience of upgrading and personalizing your hardware according to what you intend to use it with, or the level of performance that you prefer.

PC Games

Aside from costs, concerns about the gaming aspect should also bear a big weight. To answer this, PC gaming, in fact, provides cheaper and more exclusivity, and more available games. Statistics or even big players in game development can provide proof for this.

PC have access to exclusive games in multiple genres, and aside from that, most of these games provide more user entertainment by providing them with the pleasure of playing with other players around the world.  Genres such as strategic games and third-POV style of gameplay will always be best played and experience in the PC instead of the console.

Cheaper and Backward-Compatible Gaming

Since it’s fair to conclude that the PC wins when it comes to game costs and game exclusivity, putting backward-compatibility to the list of pros should also be done. Normally, when you purchase a game for your PC, you can still play it no matter what the upgrades that you choose to implement to your hardware. In fact, doing so would only improve the overall performance of your PC. On the other hand, consoles usually cannot give you the same luxury. If you upgrade your console, you usually cannot carry with you the old games that you have purchased. Sometimes you can, but you’d have to have a pass, something that you have to pay.


PC gaming might not be for everyone, and the same goes for console gaming. However, the dedication and effort put into building a decent PC will always bear great fruit in the form of an unparalleled range of games, lesser costs, backward-compatibility, and so on.