Many apps, especially today, applications are becoming more and more supplemental for education. In fact, these platforms make the relay of information highly accessible to everyone. Below are some the best and most useful apps for educators.


ClassDojo is an application that allows students, teachers, and parent to create a network where the teacher can create groups, share links, spread essential announcements, and so on. Through this application, the student can make a personal account, and the teacher on the other end ca monitor what his/her students are working on. Aside from that, ClassDojo is free.

Teacher’s Assistant Pro

Even if you have to purchase this application before you can freely use it, Teacher’s Assistant Pro can perform functions like creating virtual classrooms, share media and direct contact with the students’ parents, and monitor the behavior and performance of the students. However, what makes this app stand out among others is its intuitive interface.


This application can aid students to be updated with the activities and events that happen inside the classroom. Blackboard is free to use and will come very useful for educators for it allows them to grade assignments and activity with ease. It can also become a space for sharing and uploading helpful content and media. Aside from that, this application also has a video chat feature that can help students.

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math

Like the majority of the population of students who have a difficulting learning and performing mathematics, this application might be of great use for it provides the student or the user a way of learning the subject in a very entertaining way.


This app helps parents and guardians have an understanding of what students are learning. Seesaw is also great in comparing the student’s progress from their previous performance. Also, it monitors the student’s learning activities. Seesaw is free in all platforms.


It’s safe to say that Classtree is one of the best apps that forwards clear and great communication between parents and teachers. This application can help both parties save time when it comes to documentation. However, the utilization of Classtree must be approved by for it changes the way educators deal with paperwork.


This application is one of the best apps out there that can provide teachers make their students engage in an educational gaming experience. Young students are among the most active population when it comes to these kinds of platforms, which makes Kahoot! a very good idea to further incentivize their learning.

Inspiration Maps VPP

When it comes to making graphics, diagrams, and organized content, this is the best app to use. You will no longer be burdened with having to start from the blackboard. Aside from that, students can also learn easily since the information shown to them are presented in an innovative and highly-organized.


While organizational and educational tracking applications are important, inspirational apps from a legitimate organization can also do the work. For example, NASA can provide kids and adults the interest in space.

Google Earth

This app can help students, even teachers, enjoy geography in a very interactive way. Aside from that, it can be used as a navigational device that can help the user explore different places.