EuroCloud UK Awards 2014

The EuroCloud UK Awards provide a unique opportunity to highlight best practices, innovation and customer success achieved by providers of cloud services and products in the United Kingdom. Decided by an independent panel of judges, the UK awards are part of a pan-European competition running across Europe. The national champions will go forward to enter the Europe-wide EuroCloud Awards, the winners of which will be revealed at a special gala dinner at the annual EuroCloud Congress in Luxembourg on September 30th. 

Entry to the EuroCloud UK Awards is free-of-charge and is open to all eligible cloud vendors operating in the UK. There is no requirement to be a member of EuroCloud. The closing date for entries is 31st May 2014 and the UK winners will be announced at a special EuroCloud UK event on 9th July 2014. 

To enter, please read the terms, conditions and requirements for entry and then complete the online application form to register your company for the Awards. You will then receive a confirmation email with a request for submission of your completed entry for each category you have selected.  


Award categories

For cloud providers:
  • Best SaaS Offering. (see below)
  • Best IaaS/PaaS Offering.  This year we have divided the Best Cloud Offering into 2 separate Awards to provide a fair and interesting competition for vendors - and an easier job for the judges who, all over Europe, said it was impossible to make a reasoned comparison of the merits of infrastructure and applications.  These two Awards will each recognise, for its respective category, the cloud service or product that, in the opinion of the judges, is most distinctive in its features and market appeal. The judges will examine the potential for high market acceptance and the nature of functionality offered. They will also rate characteristics such as connectivity and interoperability of the service, effective use of data center resources and conformity with data security, privacy and compliance requirements.  If there is any doubt which category is appropriate we will use the NIST definitions which can be found here.  
  • Start-Up: Most Innovative (see below)
  • Start-Up: Best Business Potential. We have divided the Award for start-up companies that have been active in the market for three years or less similarly into 2 separate categories.  Start-Up: Most Innovative seeks to recognise innovation and future-oriented thinking in cloud solutions. There is a special focus on the originality and creativity of the entrant's offerings and on its vision for the future. Start-Up: Best Business Potential will seek to reward those characteristics and attributes which in the opinion of the judges reflect business viability, marketing strength, market reach and potential commercial impact.
  • Best Public Sector Case Study. We are looking to find concrete examples of applying a service in practice and will examine the underlying business approaches. In addition to the attractiveness of the service offered, the judges will evaluate the achievable benefit and advantage obtained for stakeholders, the public and relevant institutions.
For cloud users:
  • Best Business Impact. This category, co-promoted by tech media site diginomica, is for early adopters of cloud services — companies who have successfully deployed single or multiple cloud services and significantly benefited from their use in practice. The achieved user-benefits that companies have obtained whilst using cloud services will be examined, such as percentage cost advantage, achieved competitive advantage, or efficiency gains — such as, for example, higher productivity or process speed.  

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