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9-Apr-15 Big Data & Analytics (title TBA) & EuroCloud UK 2015 Awards Launch How Cloud vendors use Big Data & Analytics to improve their offerings

Baker Tilly, Farringdon Baker Tilly
14-May-15 Is there a future for legacy in the Cloud?

What impact legacy apps have for Cloud vendors TBA
11-June-15 G-Cloud (title TBA)
Current changes and developments


2-July-15 EuroCloud UK Awards and Summer Party Details to be published Baker Tilly, Farringdon Baker Tilly

Sponsorship is always welcomed; it’s a package of promotional opportunity and provides a platform for your messaging, brand and corporate personality.  It defrays the costs of the event and it’s a way to participate and demonstrate your place at the centre of our community. Contact the Secretary General to discuss the options.

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