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Notice of impending rise in annual subscriptions - And how to avoid it, permanently.

ACT NOW to secure permanent and privileged, low 'historical' rates.

The results of our consultation indicate that it is extremely likely that annual subscriptions will for Members joining on or before 3rd December 2014 will be capped
  •   at £400pa (for SMBs) and 
  •   at £850pa (standard), with  
  •   possibly with a small (RPI+2%) automatic escalator   
For new members and members re-joining from 4th December 2014 the following commercial rates will prevail and may be increased from time to time by the Board:
  •   £2,395pa (standard)
  •   £1,195pa (SMBs)
These proposals have been out for consultation to Members and non-members since 9 September 2014 the results indicate that they will be adopted when they are put to the Members at the General Meeting on 3 December after which all existing Members will be transferred to a class of Founder Member ("Cloud Master") where their subscriptions and other privileges will be safeguarded by the company constitution.  The Board consider it fair and equitable, particularly for UK based SMBs to whom the value of our work in G-Cloud will be so significant, that they are provided with notice and opportunity to join at these beneficial rates.  However, notice is hereby given that the window of opportunity to join at these rates is likely to close on 3 December 2014.  

Membership benefits of EuroCloud UK include:
  • Free entry to a valuable programme of monthly networking and speaker events, where you’ll meet influential figures from the industry 
  • Share and learn from best practice in the industry, covering technology, operations and go-to-market aspects of cloud business models 
  • Participate fully in our G-Cloud programme of building understanding, awareness and proficiency as vendor and being pert of the dialogue with Government on the devlopment and evolution of G-Cloud.
  • Connect and network with other cloud and SaaS industry participants from across Europe, including special access to the EuroCloud Congress in Luxembourg, June 27-28 this year 
  • Gain visibility as an industry player through our website and other promotional activities 
  • Get reduced rates on partner services and conferences 
  • Participate in shaping the influence and profile of the industry
The standard 12-month subscription is £850 excluding VAT (£400 ex VAT for companies with less than £3m annual turnover). A single membership covers all your UK employees and entitles you to up to four free places at any regular UK member meeting.

If you want to join EuroCloud, here is what you do next:

Fill in our membership application form and follow the instructions to send it. It takes just a few moments to fill in and submit the on-line form.

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"We have found EuroCloud events to be both informative as well as great networking events and are pleased to be part of this growing ecosystem for those interested in the fast-growing sector of Cloud computing. Having attended both UK and Ireland events we can endorse that the contacts you make at EuroCloud events are invaluable.” – Ian Moyse, EMEA Channel Director, Webroot


“EuroCloud membership has been extremely beneficial to Esker UK, helping us plan our go-to-market strategy. EuroCloud participants include some very experienced contacts from some of the most successful companies in the market, including SAP and Microsoft. Being able to bounce ideas between these trusted advisers has made a massive difference to developing Esker Cloud Business in the UK.” – James Elkington, Managing Director, Esker Ltd.