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Becoming a member of EuroCloud UK has many benefits, including:

  • Free entry to a valuable programme of monthly networking and speaker events, where you’ll get the chance to meet and talk with influential figures from the industry 
  • Share and acquire knowledge of best practice in the industry, covering technology, operations and go-to-market aspects of cloud business models 
  • Engage fully with our G-Cloud programme; build your understanding, awareness and proficiency as a vendor and be part of a dialogue with the Government on the development and evolution of G-Cloud.
  • Connect and network with other cloud and SaaS industry contributors from across Europe, including special access to the annual EuroCloud Forum taking place this year in Bucharest, Romania
  • Gain visibility and prominence as a committed industry player through our website and other promotional activities 
  • Get reduced rates on partner services and conferences 
  • Contribute to shaping the influence and profile of the industry
  • Stay up-to-date with upcoming changes to regulations and rules that affect the cloud industry as Brexit looms

Subscription costs, excluding VAT, for new members are as follows:




 Standard Subscription



 Reduced Subscription for SMBs*



*SMBs defined as having less than £3m sales revenue to the end of the last financial year, from all sources, worldwide from the perspective of the ultimate holding company in a group.

A single membership covers all your UK employees and entitles you to up to four places at any regular UK member meeting.

Membership promotion - 25% discount

To coincide with our Awards season, new members joining on or before 31st August 2016 will receive a 25% discount on the first year’s membership subscription, reducing the Standard rate to £1,795 pa and the SMB rate to £895 (this doesn't apply to Start-Up subscriptions which are already subsidised).  To take advantage of this special offer quote code “2016Award” when completing the online or email membership application.

The board has also opted not to increase subscription fees this year by the usual inflation-related rise of the annual change in RPI +2% rounded up to nearest £10. This is normally applied to all renewals from January 1st each year.  

Reduced subscriptions for start-ups

The membership also resolved to introduce from 1 February 2015 two rates for young and embryonic Cloud businesses, available on a monthly recurring subscription only.

The first rate is for UK-based organisations (these must be independent, autonomous units, it is not intended for divisions of larger organisations). The second, separate rate is for non-UK organisations (irrespective of the parent’s size) when they are first setting up an office in the UK and have revenues less than £1m attributable to the branch. 



 Start-up/early enterprise, UK office with overseas HQ (within 3 years of setting up in UK)


 Start-up/early enterprise, UK HQ (within 3 years of first commercial sale of cloud service)



To join EuroCloud, here is what you do next:

Fill in our membership application form and follow the instructions to send it. It takes just a few moments to fill in and submit the on-line form.

If you're not yet ready to become a paid-up member but would like to stay in touch, just click here to join our mailing list and we'll contact you regularly with our announcements.

You can follow this link to see our articles of association.

If you need to find out more contact us by email on this link. Here's what past members have said about being part of EuroCloud:

"We have found EuroCloud events to be both informative as well as great networking events ... the contacts you make at EuroCloud events are invaluable.” 


“EuroCloud participants include some very experienced contacts from some of the most successful companies in the market. Being able to bounce ideas between these trusted advisers has made a massive difference to developing our cloud business in the UK.”