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What is EuroCloud UK?

EuroCloud UK is the UK Cloud Computing sector’s trade association and networking community. The UK component forms part of the wider Pan-European EuroCloud movement which represents and is owned by over 2,000 member organisations that cover every corner of the Cloud Computing value chain from infrastructure to applications and the ecosystem of channel, consultants and professionals which support it throughout 30 countries including Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Ukraine, Turkey and Italy.

EuroCloud UK’s mission is to promote the adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing, encourage best practice, further understanding of the benefits and transformational potential of Cloud, combat misinformation, uncertainty and other obstacles to an informed, sophisticated and mature marketplace and work with government, legislators and regulators to foster an informed, enlightened and benevolent environment for our members and our industry to deliver the benefits and prosperity that Cloud can bring.

EuroCloud UK Limited is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales number 07103338.

Our VAT registration number is 105943913. 

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Current EuroCloud UK Board 

Left to right:

Phil Wainewright Procullux & diginomica
David Terrar D2C
Chris Purrington Cohesive Networks
Ian Moyse Rackspace 
Ian Thomas Fujitsu RunMyProcess
Nicky Stewart SkyScape
Nicolas Steiner Orange
Emily Jones Osborne Clarke
Rhys Sharp Fedr8
Richard Sykes EuroCloud UK
Peter Middleton Cloudline 
Dave Denton Denton IT Consultancy

EuroCloud Goals

  • To build a Pan-European network organised across two tiers with a national level (France, Spain, UK, Belgium, etc.)  and a European level. The national level focuses on local topics and the European level on European topics. Only companies who have an interest in Cloud Computing and participate in the Cloud ecosystem can be members of the network.
  • Build relationships with the European authorities (Commission and Parliament) to help establish the Cloud Computing industry as the future of IT in Europe and to promote a stimulating environment for development and growth of the industry.
  • Promote business relationships between members throughout Europe and internationally with counterparts such as SIIA.
  • Promote technological relationships between members throughout Europe and internationally.

Board Membership

Appointment to the Board is a prestigious achievement and a recognition by one's peers of attainment of influence, experience and rank in the UK Cloud industry, an expression of belief by one's peers in the contribution an individual can make to the growth, reputation and influence of EuroCloud and an invitation to join a unique, exclusive and committed group by whose influence the Cloud Industry in Britain and Europe is going to evolve for the greater benefit of all participants.

A Board Member has legal responsibilities and liabilities, responsibilities to his colleagues and the membership, and responsibilities to the EuroCloud ideal and mission. In return a Board Member receives no payment and, of course, does not expect thanks from those whose interests he serves.

At each Annual General Meeting one third of the serving Board must retire and they may stand for re-election, but at this time any member may propose an individual to sit on the Board and there are always additional vacancies caused by changes in corporate and personal circumstances.

We encourage our members to consider seeking election to the Board.  It is a job that takes some time and effort and should not be pursued just to ornament a CV already littered with achievements.  To define the task, we have a page showing the present Job Description and here is How To Apply and The Process for Election of Board Members.

If you are interested and want to talk through what is involved - please call the Secretary General who will be happy to explain and encourage you to apply.     


EuroCloud UK is expanding its operations and we occasionally have opportunities to work for us part-time or on a project basis. See our jobs page for details of any current vacancies along with details of how to apply.

EuroCloud's Pan-European Organisation

You can find out more about EuroCloud, including an explanation of the structure and history, at the EuroCloud EU website.

Phil Wainewright - Co Founder, Diginomica David Terrar - Owner and CEO, D2C Chris Purrington - VP Sales, Cohesive Networks Ian Moyse - Board Member, Workbooks Ian Thomas - Chief Marketing Officer, Fujitsu RunMyProcess Neil Cresswell - CEO, Virtus Data Centres Nicolas Steiner - Partnership Development Manager, Orange Frank Bennett - Country Ambassador, TELLUS International Rhys Sharp - CTO and Co Founder, Fedr8 Richard Sykes - Director, EuroCloud UK Peter Middleton - Founder and CEO, Cloudline Limited Dave Denton - Owner/Managing Director, Denton IT Consultancy