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Notice of impending rise in annual subscriptions for New Members - and how to avoid it, permanently!

EuroCloud UK – An Introduction: 

EuroCloud UK is the UK Cloud Computing sector’s trade association and networking community. The UK component of the Pan-European EuroCloud movement which represents and is owned by the over 2,000 member organisations that cover every corner of the Cloud Computing value chain from infrastructure to applications and the ecosystem of channel, consultants and professionals which support it through 30 countries in which we maintain a presence.

EuroCloud UK is a membership organisation, we are owned by our UK members and our membership is open to all businesses in the Cloud supply chain with a UK presence. Our mission is to promote the adoption of Cloud, encourage best practice, further understanding of the benefits and transformational potential of Cloud, combat misinformation, uncertainty and other obstacles to an informed, sophisticated and mature marketplace and work with government, legislators and regulators to foster an informed, enlightened and benevolent environment for our members and our industry to deliver the benefits and prosperity that Cloud can bring.

The Board – EuroCloud UK is governed and managed by a Board, drawn and elected from the UK members, all of whom provide their services on a pro bono basis.  

2014 – The End of the Beginning – Time to praise our members!

December 2014 will mark the 5th anniversary of the incorporation of EuroCloud UK. Fittingly, after the Strategic Review in July of this year EuroCloud, like so many entrepreneurial ventures from the Cloud class of 2009 has now successfully transitioned from bootstrapping start-up to the inflexion point of sustainability, growth and high value creation.  It is time to thank our members, many of whom have been with us from the beginning, all of whom have contributed to our success.  And as we are all members, looking towards our future with confidence, ambition and strategic purpose, let’s share and decide upon the strategy for the next 5 years together.

Member & UK Industry consultation on the Shape of Things to Come.

The Strategic Review developed a series of precise recommendations to map the start of our trajectory for the next 5 years, and one firm conclusion. EuroCloud acts for and in the interests of its members and the wider constituency of the industry, prospective and future members and the society in which we represent a powerful force for prosperity. We shall go to our members and our regular audience of participants of our activities and consult on the advances proposed by the Board. Through the summer we will take note of opinions, objections, new ideas and starting in September as our autumn programme of events commences, communicate, collaborate and prepare to implement the new strategy with effect from the Annual General Meeting in early December.

Update October '14: A clear mandate from the consultation has been to forge ahead and make G-Cloud a focal point of our work in the Cloud industry in UK. The Board have acted to appoint Dave Denton & Peter Middleton, already well known in the industry for their work on G-Cloud as part of Cabinet Office, to a joint seat on the Board from where they will spearhead EuroCloud UK's contribution to a successful and vibrant G-Cloud and the strong economic impact that will have on our members. 

If you would like to participate in the survey: Please Click This Link.

IMPORTANT NEWS Notice of impending increase in annual subscription rates for New Members and how to avoid it, permanently. 

The Board's new business strategy, which has been the focus of our consultation of Members and the wider industry audience since early September 2014, is almost certainly going to be adopted.  This includes bold growth of EuroCloud's value, influence and positioning for its members. It also incorporates a significant shift to commercial subscription rates FOR NEW MEMBERS.  The Board want to ensure that an opportunity exists, by trailing, explaining and giving notice of this increase: which will be effective from December 4th 2014 31 January 2015 (as amended by motion at the AGM); that particularly UK based SMBs to whom our existing activities and future work in G-Cloud and Europe can have such strong benefits, have a window of opportunity to secure their place on the permanently low subscription rates afforded to our Members who have been with us through our start-up years.  

The short version of which is "sign-up now" and your subscription will be 1/3rd of what it would be if you wait until the end of the year. Here is more explanation and a link to the sign-up page.


EuroCloud Congress 2014 will take place in Luxembourg on 30 September and 1 October. As last year, the programme includes policy makers and industry speakers from across Europe, with many of the continent's brightest cloud entrepreneurs. Registration is now open. 

Registration and all details here.

Do take time to look at the sponsorship opportunities. We have worked hard with our colleagues to make these very affordable and if you require a quick and efficient way to promote your business through the European Cloud ecosystem - there is none better.



Team #Cloud14GB are on their way to the European Championship!

From the inspiring and tense atmosphere of the 2014 EuroCloud UK Awards, hosted and sponsored by member Baker Tilly, Team #Cloud14GB took our Cloud innovation pre-eminence to Luxembourg. Congratulation to all but particularly to shortlisted Advertising Standards Authority and European Trophy Winners Fedr8! Who took the winners podium for most innovative start-up across Europe. Well done evrybody, here once again are our UK prize winners by category are: 


We wish them luck, very strong contenders all, we look forward to announcing a GB Cloud victory on 1st October.

Autumn Events Calendar

Our autumn events calendar began with a spectacular G-Cloud themed set of discussions, review and analysis at Level39 in Canary Wharf on 10th September.. 

30th September – 1st October was the EuroCloud Congress in Luxembourg.

Osborne Clarke are hosted and sponsored our hugely successful 8th October event on datacentre business and the business of datacentres.  

12th November is the date for the next monthly event based around mobile/mobility.

3rd December will be the AGM with some excitement and surprise to be revealed (and decided) in the consultation referred to above.  The theme, A Christmas Cloud - reflecting on - Cloud Past, Cloud Present and Cloud Future. 

Your EuroCloud

We are your EuroCloud. Stay in touch, engage, participate – our LinkedIn Group has taken over from our newsletter – it’s real-time and interactive, you can post, react, be wise (before and after the event). If you aren’t already there just request to enter and the Secretary General who curates the site to keep his profile trending will let you in. Twitter is a very effective and unintrusive medium for updates and we regularly pick out relevant information for passing on (and we read of your news) so do follow us and we will reciprocate.  


Click here if you are interested in joining EuroCloud UK.

EuroCloud UK is part of the EuroCloud network of national communities, each established to encourage and promote the interests and benefits of cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) within their own countries and across Europe. EuroCloud exists to enable knowledge sharing, networking and alliances within the European industry, to act as its collective voice, and to raise visibility and make the case to European business for SaaS and cloud. 

The cloud model stands for global reach, ecosystem partnerships and integration. Our goal in developing EuroCloud is to promote SaaS and cloud services and applications across Europe and encourage its take up. EuroCloud will be an accelerator of business, of technological relationships and application integration. It will represent the cloud industry in Europe -- taking into account local differences -- and be an excellent platform for exchanges with America or Asia,”

Pierre-José Billotte, Founder and Honorary President, EuroCloud Europe